It does appear to be lots of the OSRS gold

  • But it feels amazing when you earn it. A good deal of dead content is revitalized by iron men using it to get 1 thing or another.

    Thats very interesting. It does appear to be lots of the OSRS gold game is outdated with new gear and things coming in. Definitely agree with original poster. RS3 has a lot of dead content which you can jump past on a non ironman just because it is not efficient. Ironman accounts may get a lot of usage in matters that those balances jump. It is an excellent mode for anyone who likes always setting new objectives and finding the best way to achieve them instead of sweating over cash farming.

    At this point I think most osrs gamers are fine using rs3. They won't play it but they pretty much respect it's distance and the people who play with it.

    I think that it's more likely to acquire review bombed by rs3 fans when Jagex inevitably comes out with another update that screws up the whole match in some way.

    The MTX is overexaggerated in my opinion. Yes there are keys you can use to Cheap Runescape gold open chests for worthless makeup and a few XP, however in the long run as soon as you get into bossing you are going to forget everything about it.

    Agreed. I really really like rs3. Same just came back after rebuilding my accounts on osrs and I am having a great time playing. So much new stuff and everything is really convenient today.

    Jagex don't release any helpful data on this, so it is difficult to say. There definitely are robots (always have been, always will be), however the number of robots is considerably lower than it's been in the past, also in the event that you take into account the lower player count.