Modest compared to OSRS gold

  • Spam bots don't use that, they utilize external autotyping apps so that they can set a script of multiple messages, and thus everyone else could actually see what they are saying.

    I'm hopeful but not holding my breath, even if Jagex had some interest in enhancing this match they would have spent in it a long time ago. The OSRS mod team is so modest compared to OSRS gold time to be able to perform all these things economically so that I don't really blame them.

    You'd me with this suggestion until you started up with the xenophobic remarks against third world nations. I believe it's a bit ridiculous how you are prioritizing your own gameplay over other people's lives.

    Jagex could just hire them instead to do some basic bot detection labor for under minimum wage plus it'd be a major upgrade from what they create gold farming on OSRS. It'd help them food out on the table and likely be more economical for them as a company to care and maintain.

    I am not gonna get behind outright banning them at a bigoted manner for buy runescape gold for iphone obvious reasons. It's rather alarming how people think their game is above the lives of others who aren't as blessed.

    It's not Jagex's job to cope with Venezuela's inner issues. If you wish to help somebody that's your prerogative but foisting the responsibility on other people is repugnant.No they can not, since the third party clients that don't wish to get discovered will only change the code to send exactly the identical list of JARs as the official client. Even if they have loaded more JARs. They can just lie. Jagex has no method of knowing if they are lying.