If you're not willing to RuneScape

  • Which weapon if I purchase to RuneScape gold go with that set? - This kinda made my last response obsolete. Well best barrows defence is TORAGS however, it has a shocking weapon and shocking special ability. However the DHAROKS collection effect is brilliant for coaching strength even though somewhat insecure. For the questions sake I'd go with torags and a saradomin sword (if you can afford) or dragon scimitar (with rune guardian offhand) What accessories should I have? I only have black gloves and a bronze defender) - This isn't my area of experience but I will try anyways. OFFHAND: If you have been able to get a bronze shield I reccomend putting time into getting a rune one. GLOVES: I hear battle bracelet is great? Sorry I have no thought I use barrows gloves myself

    What's the best location to get a lvl 93 with 74atk 80str 71def to train if utilizing monks? - lvl 93... One thing that is suitable for you. Look this might seem dull and not answering the query, but it takes a fair while to find a monster that you can train effectively at that you LIKE. Case in point... I have a friend who absolutely refuses to play Pest Control since he hates it. I love it - move all of the time. We're both nearly the very same levels. I'm sorry, other people are able to answer this question better than I could. I've been utilizing bandits the past day or so and leveled twice, but Im curious as to whether there is something better I could do to go up quicker. All of it is appreciated so share what you think I should do. Thanks.

    I'm usually dispersing my workers between cutting and fishing walnut. Raw fish is in continuous demand and also the nests from woodcutting earn investment to maples rewarding. In order to maximize the throughput proceed and perform the favours every second day or so, thus your workers are as happy and productive as they can be. My only caution about maple is that arent the output from nests random? So couldnt I get like 50 acorns out of my 1m? But fishing sounds like it would be a great one, thanks for the idea.

    It is ideal to keep them fishing raw fish and flax, if you are prepared to twist the flax into bowstrings. If you're not willing to spin flax, set the workers to fishing and mining coal or cutting maples. The latter is good if you are training Firemaking. Prevent hardwoods at all costs, since the amount you get along with the price they sell for doesn't add up to much. Also avoid farming, as the seeds you get are random and you don't get tree or fruit tree seeds. I am definately willing to spin flax, as'm searching for all of the crafting xp I can get my hands on right now. . And 50 percent coal, although I might switch this to fishing. Does that seem like it would make the most profit?

    Following 5 years being an f2p'er I will finally get the encounter. Now I had been wondering if there are anythings I need to understand (quests I need to do, how to get to this & so, hottest p2p areas, any harmful places) and some other things I need to buy old school rs gold receive before I make the change (logs, feathers ect...)